Our Cases

Cases that we have been involved in

R v Aslam and Others ( The murder of policewoman Sharon Beshenivsky / attempted murder of PC T. Milburn, ) only defendant found NOT GUILTY of MURDER  and ATTEMPTED MURDER after trial Newcastle CC/ Bradford case. See BBC News Article

R v Castree ( The murder of Lesley Molseed in 1975, commonly referred to as the Stefan Kiszko case and the miscarriage of justice when he was wrongly convicted of the murder of the school girl ) BCC BBC News Report | Wikipedia

R v Davis and others ( leading authority SOCPA agreements ) Bradford CC subject to report by Panorama in 2013. Murder.

R v Hussain ( double murder honour killing ) NOT GUILTY AFTER TRIAL on both counts, Bradford CC BBC News Report

R v Rehman ( murder gangland drug shooting ) only defendant found NOT GUILTY after trial, Leeds CC Newspaper Report

R v Shabir ( attempt murder ) conviction quashed at the Court of Appeal now reported case authority hearsay Bradford CC Court of Appeal Ruling

R v Khan ( murder gangland assassination ) NOT GUILTY AFTER TRIAL AND LEGAL ARGUMENTS on intervention of DPP, see mail online Mr Justice Sweeney. £1 million Trial Sheffield CC

R V Zaman and others Massive money laundering scam involving a doctor £3.5 million of fraud Zaman the only defendant found NOT GUILTY after trial  Bradford CC

R v Mirza Attempted Murder .. gang feud in relation to drugs hired hitman, defendant found not guilty of attempted murder after trial, Liverpool Crown Court.

R v Mawdsley ( several charges of attempted murder committed by a serving soldier ) Crown accept lesser charges attempted murder allegations withdrawn. Bradford CC BBC News Report

R v Van Pham ( instructed by the CCRC child trafficking issue regards age/sentencing) Sheffield CC

R v A and M massive money laundering scam multi millions obtained through buy to let schemes, 3 defendants found NOT GUILTY after trial, remainder received limited sentences but after a lengthy battle with POCA authorities managed to retain assets based in UAE Dubai including property on the Palm Island. Solicitor visited Dubai at the direction of the court to negotiate the terms of the assets that were required to be repatriated to the UK, court accepted that the asset could not be repatriated. Sheffield Crown Court.

Alleged Murder by poisoning ( see link ) involved in the defence of a family alleged to have poisoned their daughter in law, protracted representations ultimately leading to no charges being brought 2009 -2010 Bradford.

R V R Mirza Murder of a taxi driver Sheffield by shooting, only defendant found NOT GUILTY after trial

R v Hussain ( group child sex grooming ) NOT GUILTY 8 week trial Sheffield CC

R v Bozorgi importation opium from Iran, NOT GUILTY Canterbury CC

R v A Dentist cleared after trial of fraud, client alleged to have defrauded the NHS of thousands cleared by a jury. Bradford CC.NOT GUILTY

R v EN Khan NOT GUILTY after trial Multi million drug conspiracy / importation Leeds CC 2013 Daily Mail Article

R v A A ( The Manchester Bombing ) Mr Shaikh instructed to represent the suspect arrested for terrorism in respect of one of the largest terrorism investigations in the UK, suspect interviewed for 13 days at a private location under the PTA ( terrorism legislation ) ultimately released no charges brought.

R v S Shafiq Defendant arrested for murder with several others torture murder referred to as ” Denholme Murder Bradford ” defendant represented at trial charged with disposing of a body received only 16 months.  Bradford CC 2020.  Newspaper Report

R V J Nasir Aylesbury CC 2019 Drug related attempted murder, using a vehicle as a weapon and stabbing the complainant, defendant found NOT GUILTY after trial of all charges.

R V Zaman Anwar Suleman Nottingham Crown Court 2017-2020 largest ever grow of cannabis, value over £3.3 million in a warehouse in Nottingham, defendants charged with kidnap, assault cultivation and conspiracy, POCA prosecution benefit to the value of the drugs argued before the court, final figure divided between three reduced from £3.3 million to £100.000 cumulatively, guilty plea on a basis other charges prosecution offer no evidence.

R V G Logan and others Nottingham Crown Court 2018 Major drugs conspiracy involving numerous defendants, supply alleged of cocaine, defendant found NOT GUILTY after trial ( second trial ) The defendant was tried in 2014 involved in a substantial conspiracy with several others and again found NOT GUILTY after trial.

R v AM Middlesborough. Commonly referred to as the ENCRO cases, currently instructed and had released from bail substantial multihanded drugs conspiracy, suspect has been released from his bail but others remain restricted as to liberty. 2020

R v FH Bradford ..instructed to act on behalf of FH in relation to another ENCRO ( encrypted Phone Drugs Conspiracy, substantial alleged drugs internationally involved, release pending investigation, these cases are relatively new where the national crime agency have been provided material from the Dutch and French authorities in respect of material obtained from encro chat servers.

Anticipated lengthy legal arguments to be had later next year as to admissibility RIPA etc.

R V GI Terrorism recruited by undercover police to fight with isis, lengthy arguments to avoid the most serious of charges ultimately admitted lesser offences, released after serving three years. LEEDS CC 2017

R v Yusaf Nottingham Crown Court… Murder  domestic related, Not Guilty of murder after submissions plea to manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility